On this web page we will be selling products like badges, competition sticks and t-shirts. PLEASE CLICK ON PICTURES TO ENLARGE.


This sew on WEKAF badge is a must if you are a stick fighter and are a member of WEKAF the largest stick fighting organization in the world. You do not have to be a member of WEKAF to purchase this badge. Free post and packing on this item in England,Scotland,Wales and Northern Ireland.


Competition Sticks. Red and Blue

These are very strong tournament sticks that can be used for normal stick training as well. These sticks have been used on two British Championships and at The European Championships in July. Sold in Pairs.Free post and packing in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.



This is a copy of the t-shirt we had for The European Championships in July 2017 but this is a limited edition with only 100 t-shirts printed. The t-shirt is in black with the stickfighter on the back and on the front is "STICKFIGHTER AND PROUD"   This is and ideal way to remember The European Championships in London in July 2017. This sale is open to any martial artist no matter your style or organization.Guys this is Christmas treat for yourself or treat someone else. This is an ideal gift if you are a stickfighter. ONLY 100 T-SHIRTS ARE PRINTED. DO NOT MISS OUT. Please give your size and full address.Free post and packing on this item.


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